CNC Machining

Mass and single production of precision lathes and milled mechanical parts and assemblies upon a customer's request. Design and production of parts and details for manufacturing, design and development purposes

precision cnc machining
  • Construction and production of model core equipment for sand-concrete forms - molds for casting concrete and metal products

  • Design and manufacture of chisels, stamps and bending devices for processing and manufacturing sheet metal parts and details

  • Construction and production of non-standard devices and equipment for mechanical processes. Кnives, sieves, precision surfaces. 

  • Milling, drilling, and sanding of complex parts using 3-dimensional axes

  • Turning details with max. 260 mm diameter and max. length 500 mm, max. 40 mm diameter

  • Accuracy of the turned diameters - external 12 μ, aperture - 20 μ

  • Milling details with max. length 1000 mm, width 500 mm, height 300 mm, weight 80 kg

  • Prismatic details

  • Rotational symmetrical details

  • Precision turning and milling details

  • Matrixes for serial production

Please, send us a technical drawing of the part (s) you want to be manufactured. The other details such as the specifics of the materials and transportation of the implemented products can be arranged further upon mutual agreement